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I believe a “Happy New Year” is in order! Cue a very late balloon drop from above!


So, let’s talk about New Years, guys. It’s been a few months since it went down, right?


First Impressions

5….4…3…2….1…and just like that it’s a new year, new you.


All of the hardships or goals unaccomplished from the previous year disappear and you have this fresh clean slate in front of you. You feel this new energy surrounding you and this year is going to be your year, dammit. Look out world, you’ve got goals to crush and a business to rock!


Fast forward to month three of the new year and everything is going according to plan!


….or at least It should be, right?


Isn’t that how the new year was supposed to start?


The clock stuck midnight, the ball dropped and suddenly 2018 was here and ready to party. And with it everything should feel a little more “for you”…



I mean, come on guys? I was there. I got dolled up and wore the sparkly shirt,  I yelled ‘cheers’ and clinked glasses of champagne with friends! I even took ridiculously cute selfies with adorable puppies! My New Year’s Eve was gearing me up for a terrific freaking year ahead. OF COURSE my 2018 was supposed to start off incredible and full of promise. And yet there I was, a few weeks into January staring at the days of the month wondering where this hypothetical amazing year was that I had seen so clearly. Because I’ll be honest – I sure as hell didn’t see it.


And I’m betting some of you didn’t either.


But here is what I’ve realized; first impressions aren’t always right. As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure that 2018 is more of a second or third impression kind of girl.


If Your First Impression Was Crazy Disappointing

If your year started out lacking all of the initial promise it once showed you, leave that at the door, take a deep breathe and take a step forward. (Personally, I’m taking a running leap forward!) There are still 300+ days in this year so don’t for one second fall into the trap that just because your initial few months weren’t playing to your strengths and vision that this can’t still be your year!


In fact, if I take anything away from the first few months of 2018, it’s that I am not in control.


OK, if that sounds more than uncomforting, hear me out!


Sometimes we want to be in control. We set these goals and we have this plan and then life happens, and we forget sometimes that we’re not the ones running the show and I think once I let myself accept that part, my year started to transform into something else. Letting go a bit can be really freeing.


It wasn’t just a reminder of what went wrong so far and the disappointment that came along with that, instead It showed me I have to keep moving forward and doing what I am in control of. Things like, letting myself choose to grow from the bad things that may happen, laughing a little more at the ridiculous mistakes I make (Like, putting the wrong month on my sister’s baby shower invitations and mailing them out to 20 people!), and honestly just reminding myself that the goals and passion I have are for a reason and great things will come from that. There are no mistakes.


Which beings me to my next point.


My Favorite ‘F’ Word of 2018

Every year I choose a power word to reflect on throughout the year. I used to be a huge New Year’s resolution gal, but that ship has kind of sailed. Instead I still have my goals but instead focus them into one word to serve as a reminder for the year of where I’m headed.


So this year, my word is Faith.


Faith in God’s timing. Faith in the direction I’m headed. Faith that wonderful things are going to come out of this year.


To give you a little insight into how this has worked for me, here are my previous words in recent years.


2016 |Direction


This was the year I knew that blogging as a DIY and Creative Lifestyle blog wasn’t enough. I needed something more and I had no idea what it would be. I spent a lot of time brainstorming and praying and talking my husband’s ear off on what my next project could be or how to evolve. Finding that next step can be a huge struggle sometimes.  I also fought a lot with the direction of our lives. How long we were meant to stay in North Carolina. If we should buy a house or keep renting. If our timeline was moving fast enough or just right. So much incredible direction came out that year and impactful decisions were made.


2017 | Purpose


Let us reflect, shall we? 2017 was a boss of a year in my book. My word here had so much to do with One Crafty Miss but when I’m honest here I know there were other things I was looking for when it came to purpose. This year had me stepping out of my comfort zone left and right and bringing me closer and closer to some big picture stuff for my brand. One Crafty Miss relaunched and became an official LLC and from there my whole mindset changed as a business owner.  I started working closer with my favorite kind of customers and clients and collaborating with other creative women whenever I could. It’s amazing what happens when you surround yourself with people who help you thrive. I really believe the word I chose wasn’t my choice at all but God showing me just how much he was going to use me and mold me that last year.


What About You?

We’re now well into the first quarter of the year and *dun dun dunnnn* consequently the time that so many of us give up on our new year’s resolutions. So, let’s tell that statistic to shove it!


I don’t care how far into the year you are. If your 2018 started off kicking your butt and you’re not sure how you got here that’s ok. Let’s pretend the last few months were a trial month and we’re starting over right now.  I want you to set some goals, girl. Not tomorrow, not in a few weeks, but legit right now.


If you don’t have anything specific at the moment that’s ok- start with a word. Close your eyes for a minute (I mean, after you’re done reading this obvi) and think about how you want to feel at the end of this year. What kinds of things are you struggling the most with and want to jump onto the other side of? That will help you with your word!


Once you come up with it I’d love to know what it is! Leave me a comment on this post if you’d like, email me, shoot me a message on Instagram, carrier pigeon. If you want some accountability I’m here for you. I want your businesses to flourish along with your life.  I want those goals you have to be kick-ass accomplished this year. I want you to feel empowered by your choices every week and feeling like 2018 truly is your year. And I would love to help you along the way!