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I’m writing this post one week after relaunching this website.

Of course, you could also say I’m writing this post after almost a whole year of not blogging. *dun dun duuuuuun*

I had been alive and well on social media planting seeds of what was growing in the background, but my website sat in radio silence for months. Behind the scenes things were anything but quiet, but all the while I missed connecting with you through actual content on the blog. You have no idea how crazy good it feels to be back- especially with a brand new website!

You may notice that One Crafty Miss has gotten a massive makeover and with it, a change in focus! I started this business 3 years ago as a creative lifestyle blog and I know many people had gotten used to seeing me as a go-to gal for DIY projects and craft, travel and style posts.

Well, I decided to shake things up around here. Trust me though,  it’s for good reason.

Being a small business, things are always evolving and I think it’s when we become complacent about what we are offering the world and the “why” behind what we do, we lose that passion we started with.  My goal in stepping away from the blog for a little while and rebranding was to add to my existing love of crafting and creating things in a way it could serve people more while tapping into my experience and passion. Switching gears was such an exciting transition that took a lot of different things to happen to get things moving in the right direction.

Once you’ve been blogging for an extended time, that space becomes as comfy as that mushy blanket you cuddle up with watching Netflix. I’m telling you, the idea of switching things up in such a big way was a pretty big deal for me but there were three reasons that really lead me to make the change and let One Crafty Miss evolve into what I think she was always meant to be.

Reason #1 – I decided I wanted more

More ways to help people, more content that got me excited, more chances for myself  to connect with the people I loved to work with the most, and more opportunity to scale my business into something bigger than just me. Just a whole lot MORE!

It’s so easy for a blog or a business to get so used to XYZ in their brand. You feel such an attachment to the brand you created and have identified with and people know you by, until you start to feel that disconnect. I have to admit that that’s exactly what started to happen with me. I would be creating blog posts for the week or brainstorming DIY projects to create and it just felt like my mind was wishing I could focus more on the types of posts I’d rather be writing. I ended up making a list one day of all the things I wanted to write about and share with  you. I stopped writing and looked at the list and realized none of them were the types of things I regularly put out as my existing brand. While that was a little disheartening it was also crazy important.  I realized that while the blog had been growing so had I. The more I thought about it the more I realized what I wanted to create and how One Crafty Miss could evolve.

Reason #2 – You asked for it

OK, so maybe not directly, but I knew what you were saying! 🙂 I had gotten so many questions over time about how I decided to started blogging, what advice I had for starting a business, how to make time to start something on the side, and even reaching out just to bounce ideas off of about their own crafts. I ended up re-reading through those emails and social media comments when I was on the fence about the rebrand I decided to put out some feelers.

So, I created a reader survey on the blog.

And who knew?

Who knew that there were all these incredible women tuning in every week who had all of these awesome goals? Who knew there was a want to see more content about flea markets and etsy shops and turning their craft into something that could make them money? I knew my readers had similar interests as me, but I really didn’t know if they stopped at the love for DIY and craft tutorials I shared. Getting the survey results and reading through the answers and responses made a light bulb go off. *There is a need here*  And the fact that that need matched where my heart was already going was so crazy exciting. Talk about validation?!

Reason #3 – New opportunities came knocking

My husband and I like to joke that in our house, when opportunity knocks we invite it in to stay for coffee. (Even though neither of us drink coffee. Just goes to show we’re super hospitable to our guests!) I had started to plug myself into the awesome community of entrepreneurs in our small but growing city of Winston Salem by volunteering at events and showing up at a networking night or two. From there, it’s funny how quickly things began to happen. (I’m telling you, networking and community are EVERYTHING!)

Over the months I got invited to present and teach at different events and workshops where I would be leading creative women toward ways to build their brands and grow their businesses. Did I feel 100% ready when I first said yes to some of these events? Let’s keep it real – hell no! I was definitely nervous and second guessed myself but of course, like all the things we push ourselves to do, it ended up being absolutely wonderful.

I created so many relationships with other makers in the area and even started gaining more interest about future events. Jumping into more and more speaking gigs, teaching opportunities and freelance projects helped me see that the opportunity was there to grow One Crafty Miss and reshape the brand to meet these new opportunities.

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Let’s talk about what’s new!

This online space is still evolving and is so much more for you than for me! One Crafty Miss is here to be a resource for you as you brainstorm and build a business from your talent and craft. The content on this site is intentionally curated to help turn your “What ifs” into “I’ve got this!” all the while providing the tools you’ll need during every step of growing your handmade business. I know that feeling of having no idea where to start or how to get from point A to point B and thinking about giving up before you’ve really begun. But what I also know, is how incredible it feels when you finally find the answers! The vision behind this rebrand really is to help get you there!

Some of my favorite things about the new One Crafty Miss website

  • My amazing software developer nerd of a husband, Leo, coded the entire website for me. I literally can’t click on a single page without feeling so grateful for all his hard work! This really was a labor of love. 😉
  • I mean, obviously the color scheme! I think it’s fun and bold and just makes me happy to look at. I hope you dig it too!
  • The Resource Library! This is definitely one of the parts I’m most excited about. Every few weeks you’ll be able to find useful worksheets, templates, printables, workbooks, and more to help you take your goals to the next level. To sign up all you have to do is follow the “resource library” tab at the top of the navigation bar.
  • The Blog page now has all the categories listed right there at the top so you can easily choose which topic you are ready to dive into! Click the category and you’ll be lead to all other blog posts that relate.
  • My FREE Community, Handmade by Her and it’s awesome Facebook Group for creative entrepreneurs – I’m so excited to see the connections that form through this group. Each week you’ll meet new members and have opportunities to jump in and get involved by asking questions, giving advice, and learning new things. (Oh, and early bird access to webinars and workshops!) Just click on the “community” tab at the top.
  • Small Biz Spotlight applications are now a thing! I love featuring creative small business owners and if you or a friend are interested in applying to be featured you can hover over the “work with me” tab at the top and click the “small biz spotlight” button to grab your application! I’d love to see yours come through.
  • Webinars, e-courses and workshops throughout the year with topics and an agendas created to help take topics like branding, marketing, social media, and selling and turn them into second nature when running your business. These are going to be such an awesome way to work together.

So there it is guys. I hope you love it!

To everyone who has been around since the beginning, the crazy biggest thank you for supporting me and One Crafty Miss! You have been such a big factor when creating the plans for this rebrand and I’m so grateful to you for all your encouragement and for letting me get to know you over the years! And if you’re new here, think of this as me inviting you into my home! Please take a look around, grab a drink and get comfy! I am so glad you’re here and can’t wait to get to know one another better.

Cheers to a new website, a new direction, and a whole new way to serve you and your goals! No matter where you are at in this moment just know I believe in your dreams and can’t wait to see you create amazing things.


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