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Ways to grow my creative business and refocus

“If you want to fly, give up everything that drags you down.” You might be an overwhelmed business owner if you felt that one right in the gut! Today’s blog post is all about how to refocus your business to grow your brand and this time of year is perfect to get those gears shifting!

When you read that first quote, what are some of the things that immediately flood your mind? Can you feel the weight on your shoulders suddenly lessen as you imagine those things being removed from your life? The truth is, the longer we’re in business, the more we think we have to be doing to be successful. In reality, keep your to-do list tight to your chest and remember to refocus your business on only the things that feel aligned. Learning to say yes to what gets you closer to where you want your brand to be is really an art form. (Especially as the world around us whispers “more” from every corner.)

Regardless of setting goals all day, if the projects you take on and the time you spend working don’t point directly back to those goals, are you really growing at the rate you could be? Take time to reflect on how you’ve spent the last quarter. I bet you will find a few things here and there that haven’t exactly led you to where you want to be and that’s ok. Imagine what the next quarter can look like as you refocus your business to grow your brand and be as effective as possible getting to that next level. 

#1 Say No to the Things That Aren’t Serving Your Business and Brand Growth

It’s all about being more intentional in every sense of the word. We need to stop putting things on our plates that are taking space away from the things that really need to be there. Take a deep breath and clear it off. Make the room and don’t be tempted to add anything that isn’t getting you closer to your goals and what you really want. Sometimes that means being a little ruthless and saying the word “no” more often than you may want to.

If a project sounds fun but doesn’t directly impact your end game, it has to go. The time you’re spending on social media, industry education, or other content you’re consuming may need to be limited. Don’t forget to embrace the saying “out with the old, in with the new.” When it comes to your product or services, there may be some things that need to be removed from your goals as well. 

#2 Challenge Yourself to Dig Deeper to Refocus Your Business

When was the last time your goals scared you? Think about what’s on your list right now! Now ask yourself, if failure wasn’t an option, would your goals be different? If the answer is yes, try to reevaluate. Sometimes that same world that whispers “more” at us can also yell “less” when we imagine what’s possible. There is a real fear in setting the bar too high that others might laugh if they saw our true dreams.

Give yourself permission to dig deeper and push towards the growth that you really want as a brand! The same goes for letting go of old goals that may not serve you anymore and creating new ones that do. Imagine what life would look like once you achieved them, the impact you could make on your customers, the financial outcomes as a business, what success would feel like, and how that would influence your next move. 

#3 Make Baby Steps Your New Business Best Friend

Despite finding yourself feeling unfocused in your business, baby steps are there to help you. Look at each of your big goals and one at a time. Next, create the path that leads to their achievement. (I’m not talking about visualization for the sake of visualizing here, but actually doing the concrete work to find those steps.) You have to know what you need to do to accomplish each of your goals. What are the kinds of things you need support on? Add that to the list. What kind of timeline makes sense? Include those dates. What are the little things you can’t forget that may not seem important at first? Include each of these.

Baby steps are how you get to that final destination! You can’t expect to do it all in one fell swoop! But when you refocus your business to grow your brand that’s where the results lie!

If you consider yourself a creative, chances are that you often allow yourself to get distracted by the next exciting creative idea. (Don’t worry, we all do it!)

Have a plan to check in with yourself every few weeks. Review what you’re working on and make sure it is aligned with the progress you’re working towards. Reevaluate your goals as often as you’d like! And remember that just as the year is evolving, so are you and your brand’s needs!

Ready to Refocus Your Business With Real Action Steps? 

If you’re looking to dive deeper and learn about how you can get off the hamster wheel of empty tasks and refocus your business to grow your brand and create intentional profit in your business I have something for you!How to make more money in your creative business by refocusingJoin the Time Wasters to Money Makers FREE 3 Day Challenge and join other women owned creative businesses as we all dive in together to take a long look at where your time is going and how to improve it to give you your most profitable last quarter of the year! Sign up now and I’ll see you inside the challenge!

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