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Branding Mindset with Madalyn Yates


The Confidently Creative Summer Series is comprised of a series of interviews with successful female business owners with the founder of One Crafty Miss, LLC., Taryn Jerez.  Taryn’s mission is to help female makers and creatives go after what they want most in their business and to make more money doing it.  These videos are to help you do just that. Grab your favorite drink, settle in, click play and enjoy!



What makes your brand stand out? I got to speak with passionate brand photographer, Madalyn Yates, on how important the mindset behind branding really is to connecting with our ideal customers! Madalyn has the unique ability to capture you in your element and showcase who you really are so customers can build trust with the person behind your brand! She does a great job being the face of her own brand and showing up, even when it can feel hard sometimes.  We also dive into the nuances of branding your business and how to tackle the anxiety we sometimes face as business owners when it comes to letting the world into who we are!   


If you’re looking to build a brand that sets you apart,  then this video is for you!


Madalyn shares things like:

  • How to put your face out there
  • What NOT to do when showing up for your business
  • How she pushed passed her biggest mindset hang-up
  • Ways to get starting being your brand (without the anxiety of showing up)
  • And so much more!


Start bringing life to your brand! You can book a vision call with Madalyn to learn about her Map Branding Experience. Seriously, guys, she’s amazing! 

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