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The End of the Year is Gold for Your Goals

The End of the Year is Gold for Your Goals

Who's already thinking about setting some new year's resolutions? I see you ready to raise that hand. Let me ask you a few questions first. Did you meet all of your goals for 2017??  Are you farther ahead right now than you'd thought you'd be on (fill in the blank)? ...

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My Secret Weapon for Staying Organized

My Secret Weapon for Staying Organized

I’m someone who never seems to sit still and I always have my hands in a million and one projects. If I’m not working on one thing than I’m planning something else. Basically, I have a lot on my plate at any given time and most people in my life have come to know that this is just my state of being.

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Hey Pretty Lady! I’m Taryn.

I teach makers & creatives with girl boss hearts how to build and grow their handmade businesses. I’m inviting you to jump in! Let’s take your craft to the next level and turn it into a biz your customers can’t get enough of!




We're in this together! COVID-19 Resources for Your Creative Business.

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