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Lots of Great Reading for You
3 Ways to Refocus Your Business to Grow Your Brand
Keeping your to-do list tight to your chest and refocusing your business on the things that are aligned with where
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Stop Asking How to Stay Motivated in Your Business
Let’s get real – motivation comes in waves. There are days where you are fueled by the mere thought of
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Why Hosting an Event Can Uplevel Your Business and How to Get Started
If you are looking for a new tool to get you in front of customers and expand your reach, hosting
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Becoming the Face of Your Brand with Madalyn Yates
What makes your brand stand out? Passionate brand photographer, Madalyn Yates, speaks on how important the mindset behind branding really
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Trading Insecurity for Empowerment in Your Money with Audrey Blackburn
If you want your business to be successful, you’ve got to get that money part right! There's a lot of
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Breaking Down Misconceptions About Personal Wellness for Entrepreneurs with Liz Hronek
I got a lovely opportunity to speak with Liz Hronek, a personal development coach with a background in fitness and
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Creating Confidence and Clarity in Your Side Hustle with Kari Roberts
Kari Roberts is a business coach for women who have full-time jobs and want to start or grow their side
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Exploring Mindset & Making Moves in Your Creative Business
I created this summer series with the mission of challenging you to explore your mindset on different topics and figure
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5 Ways to Support Black Women-Owned Businesses
    Why Support Matters  Let’s start with some facts, friend. According to the Census Bureau, The U.S. is home
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COVID-19 Resource List for Creative Businesses
Who would have thought that just a few months into a brand new year filled with potential and promise, we
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How to Self Promote Without Feeling Icky
Imagine as business owners, how incredibly weighed down we can often feel by just the mere thought of self promotion?
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How I Conquer the World by Creating a Weekly Schedule
If you are looking to be more intentional and more productive in your business my weekly schedule template is for
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5 Things To Do To Increase Craft Fair Sales for Your Business
You want to be making sales and gaining customers while having an awesome time sharing your passion and product with
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5 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Started
  I can’t tell you how many women I’ve worked with that sat on a great idea for their business
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Holiday Selling Series Vol. #3 | Running Promotions That Add Value and Increase Sales
Creating special offers and promotions for your customers is one of the best ways you can do this. You want
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Holiday Selling Series Vol. #2 | How to Create a Festive Shop (Online & In Person)
The holidays are likely the busiest time for your business as well and if you want to make the most
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The End of the Year is Gold for Your Goals
Who’s already thinking about setting some new year’s resolutions? I see you ready to raise that hand. Let me ask
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5 Questions to Ask Before Signing Up for a Craft Show or Flea Market
How the heck do you decide which markets are worth investing your time and money in? You may be planning
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3 Reasons I Decided to Rebrand My Blog
I’m writing this post one week after relaunching this website. Of course, you could also say I’m writing this post
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My Secret Weapon for Staying Organized
I'm someone who never seems to sit still and I always have my hands in a million and one projects.
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Small Biz Spotlight – Junkies Vintage Boutique
We received such amazing feedback and it gave us the motivation and confidence to say, “Hey, we’ve got something really
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Small Biz Spotlight – The Beautiful Exchange
I use to bring clothes to sell to places like Plato’s Closet or Upscale Cheapskate and one day I decided
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