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Wellness Mindset with Liz Hronek

The Confidently Creative Summer Series is comprised of a series of interviews with successful female business owners with the founder of One Crafty Miss, LLC., Taryn Jerez.  Taryn’s mission is to help female makers and creatives go after what they want most in their business and to make more money doing it.  These videos are to help you do just that. Grab your favorite drink, settle in, click play and enjoy!



I got a lovely opportunity to speak with Liz Hronek, a personal development coach with a background in fitness and nutrition, and I am already inspired.  She teaches women how to transform their chaotic life to be more energized & peaceful so they can live HAPPY, HEALTHY, & WHOLE. Anyone else craving that exact same thing for themselves?


If you don’t have time for YOU, then this chat is for you!


Liz will share with you things like:

  • Misconceptions about personal wellness
  • Her biggest mindset obstacle
  • How to fit wellness into a full schedule
  • What confidently creative means to her
  • And so much more!


Liz is hooking you up with a FREE 7 Day Total Body Reset.  Plus, she’s offering a BONUS breakthrough call with her. 

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