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Create the Things You Wish Existed FREE Desktop Wallpaper | One Crafty Miss Download this free desktop wallpaper with the inspirational quote "Create the Things You Wish Existed".

It is so easy to let our creativity be stifled when we start to compare our work and our talents to those around us. I mean, obviously we know that the world would be the most boring place if we all created the same things. And yet…there’s that voice that gets in our heads. You know, the one that seems to really loves to start mouthing off right when we’re scrolling through Instagram or clicking through Etsy?

Some days it’s like we can’t look at another person’s work without comparing it to our own.  Would I sell more if mine looked more like that? Is my work even good at all? Will anyone want to buy what I’m selling if something like that already exists? It’s like Regina George from Mean Girls is narrating our inner monologue.

But here’s the thing.

What makes your work good is that it’s YOURS. Nobody wants a copy of something, they want the original. It can be so tempting to create based on what we think people will pay us for but what the world needs more of is what only you can offer.

So I’m definitely into gift giving and I made you a little something to serve as a reminder any time you need one, that you are an unstoppable creative force who sees what the world needs more of. Download this desktop wallpaper and let it remind you of that every time you go on your computer!

So Cheers to being ourselves, believing in our talents, and creating all the things!



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