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Side Hustle Mindset with Kari Roberts

The Confidently Creative Summer Series is comprised of a series of interviews with successful female business owners with the founder of One Crafty Miss, LLC., Taryn Jerez.  Taryn’s mission is to help female makers and creatives go after what they want most in their business and to make more money doing it.  These videos are to help you do just that. Grab your favorite drink, settle in, click play and enjoy!



Kari Roberts is a business coach for women who have full-time jobs and want to start or grow their side creative business.  I asked her to talk with me to share her go-to tips for side hustlers out there and give us the inside scoop on her life balancing multiple projects and professions.  Kari has been working as a full-time Physical Therapist for 15 years and a freelance makeup artist for 7 years. This bubbly and relatable gal is gonna keep it practical and tactical.

Calling all side hustlers – this chat is for you!


Kari shares side hustle mindset tips like:

  • Common mistake side hustlers are making
  • Overcoming her biggest mindset hurdle
  • How to be more fearless
  • Ways to beat overwhelm
  • Going after what you really want most
  • And more!


Ready to dive deeper? Kari has a special gift to immediately help you start maximizing your time.  And, it’s pretty awesome! 

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