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Confidently Creative Summer Series


The Confidently Creative Summer Series is comprised of a series of interviews with successful female business owners with the founder of One Crafty Miss, LLC., Taryn Jerez.  Taryn’s mission is to help female makers and creatives go after what they want most in their business and to make more money doing it.  These videos are to help you do just that. Grab your favorite drink, settle in, click play and enjoy!


Who’s ready to get Confidently Creative this summer?!

Check out the video above to get all the details about the the summer series and what I have in store for you over the next few weeks! 

I created this summer series with the mission of challenging you to explore your mindset on different topics and figure out what might be holding you back from making big moves in your creative business! Over the last 4 years of working alongside so many amazing talented women, I’ve seen some incredible things take shape. From hobbies turned hustles and small projects turned into big profits, one of the biggest takeaways I’ve learned is that we can be our biggest cheerleader but sometimes our absolute worst enemy. We let that voice inside of our head tell us that what we want out of our business and in our life isn’t possible or it’s just “too big” of a dream. And guys, that voice needs to take a hike this summer! 

I’ve invited some amazing women to share their experience and advice on shifting mindset where it matters most. Over the summer from now through August you’ll find biweekly video interviews with each lady boss right here on the blog inviting you to tune in, take notes, and challenge yourself along with us.


We’ll be diving into different topics with each speaker like:

  • Overcoming your biggest mindset hurdles
  • Pushing past fear of people’s opinions as a side hustle
  • Ways to beat overwhelm
  • How to fit wellness into a full schedule
  • The emotions tied to money (yep, they exist)
  • The big scary behind pricing and charging your worth
  • How to put your face out there in your brand
  • What NOT to do when showing up for your business
  • First steps to take with money management
  • Limiting beliefs in business and how to get rid of them
  • And so much MORE!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel here and get on the One Crafty Miss mailing list to make sure you get notifications about each video in the series as they are live!


New around here?

I would love to know more about YOU!  So if you’re watching tuning into the Summer Series, I’d love for you to leave a comment introducing yourself below!  I’d also love to invite you to answer the question that I’ll be asking each guest during the series: What does being “Confidently Creative” mean to you? Have fun with your answer and know that there is no right or wrong version of this. Can’t wait to get to know you more.


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