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Why did you start One Crafty Miss?
I started One Crafty Miss in the summer of 2014 with the idea of having a lifestyle blog for creatives. I was working a job that I wasn’t in love with and knew I needed an outlet to be my own creative director. I wanted a space of my own to share with the world and connect with others who shared the same interests. Over the two years of blogging I started working more closely with small business owners and niche brands and felt really fulfilled by their partnerships and their entrepreneur hearts. One Crafty Miss definitely evolved during that time and is now more than just a DIY blog but an online home for makers and creatives with girl boss hearts to learn to build and grow their handmade businesses and connect with other like-minded women.



Do you accept guest blog posts on One Crafty Miss?
Thanks for your interest! One Crafty Miss is not accepting guest posts at this time, however, always check back in as I love to feature content that readers can learn from and get inspired by! If you think you’d be a great fit and have a topic you’d like to create a post for hit up the work with me page here to check back for openings.



I have an awesome event coming up I think you’d be perfect for! What’s the best way to connect?
Can I just say, you rock? Thank you for thinking of me for your opportunity!  One Crafty Miss represents women at all stages of entrepreneurship and creativity    and I would be honored to speak or teach at your next event! Head over to the work with me page here to fill out the contact form to get in touch and see how I can serve you best!



I want to start blogging to help promote my business. How do I get started?
The world of blogging can seem so over saturated sometimes and everyone wants to know how to break through, gain a loyal readership and make money from it! My biggest gem of advice here, is to pump the brakes and take a deep breathe! Be authentic in who you are and how you come across to readers and be sure your focus is on serving others with the content you create. People will see your passion and find value through what you put out there and won’t be able to get enough of you! Just keep going and see where it takes you! Check out the Free Resources for my FREE webinar and worksheets on content marketing strategy and blogging techniques! I also have a post here that lists some of my favorite blog posts from other Bloggers to help you grow your blog!



Do you offer one-on-one coaching sessions?
Why yes, I do and I have a waiting list for one-on-one clients! If you are interested in working with me check out this page here with all the details on how we can get started. There is a handy dandy contact form to let me know more about you, your business and what area you’d like to grow in. If you are looking to jumpstart your biz in the meantime, check out the free resources here and definitely head over to the blog for posts on everything from How to Pick Your Most Profitable Idea to Creating a Business Plan that gets results and Inspiring Small Biz Spotlights on creative brands rocking their goals!


I’d love to be featured as a Small Biz Spotlight! What do I need to do?

You’d love to be featured and I’d love to feature you! This is a great opportunity to share your unique story with others and give a behind the scenes look into your awesome brand. Whether you are an artist, maker, designer, baker (<- see what I did there?) your creativity, drive and business advice is truly priceless and helps other goal getters learn things and feel inspired! To be considered please head over to fill out the application here! Can’t wait to hear about you and what makes your business special! Be sure to choose “Small Biz Spotlight” from the dropdown!


Can I post your Content/DIYs on my blog or social media?
I love that you want to share my work! Yes, I’d be happy to have you share something from One Crafty Miss but please follow these guidelines: You can post one photo from a post/project with a link back to the original blog post. You also have permission to Pin any images from the website on Pinterest!



I ask that you please do not post the entire content of any blog post without written permission. As a reminder, One Crafty Miss is protected by copyright laws.

How does the Handmade by Her Community work?
When you subscribe to the Handmade by Her community you’ll be able to join the private Facebook group filled with other creative women who are chasing their dreams and crushing their goals just like you! This group is filled with discussions, Q&A’s, upcoming events, and business owners looking to collaborate and connect! When you sign up you will also be able to see all our past posts from the group which include, weekly prompts, video content, and a ton of resources. We would love to have you! Sign up here to become a member!


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Head over to the contact page and send me a message!

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