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money mindset with Audrey Blackburn

The Confidently Creative Summer Series is comprised of a series of interviews with successful female business owners with the founder of One Crafty Miss, LLC., Taryn Jerez.  Taryn’s mission is to help female makers and creatives go after what they want most in their business and to make more money doing it.  These videos are to help you do just that. Grab your favorite drink, settle in, click play and enjoy!



If you want your business to be successful, you’ve got to get the money part right. After all, we’re not volunteering over here, right? There’s a lot of emotion when it comes to the money and pricing part of having a creative business and I chatted it up with Audrey to get the 411 on all things Money Mindset!  Audrey Walker Blackburn is the owner of Blackburn Consulting, an accounting and business consulting practice.  She has a passion for seeing women led nonprofits and women owned small businesses thrive! And guys, she is pretty dang good at it. This is the longest interview episode of the series and for good reason- there are SO many barriers we face as creatives, entrepreneurs and women especially when it comes to this subject. I encourage you to keep an open mind and listen for tips that you may need in the very season you’re in. 

If you want more profit in your business, then this chat is for you! Take notes, lady!


Audrey shares things like:

  • Good ole’ money mistakes
  • The emotions tied to money (yep, they exist)
  • The big scary behind pricing and charging our worth
  • How she’s expanded her own money mindset
  • First steps to take with money management
  • And so much MORE!

Feeling motivated and ready to shift your own mindset and get ahead in your biz? Talk with Audrey to evaluate your money management by booking a free consultation!

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