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Covid-19 creative business resources coronavirus

Who would have thought that just a few months into a brand new year filled with potential and promise, we would find ourselves here? Amid a global pandemic changing our daily lives across the world and challenging how we view our businesses? Yes it’s a difficult time to be a small business owner with COVID-19 / Coronavirus taking over, but then again it’s a difficult time to simply “be.”

This is a season of crazy where comfort zones are being challenged and you know what that means? Growth!

I’m not blowing smoke here either- you can see it all around us and especially in the creative community. As my grandma always says, “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Right now, friend? This pandemic is filled with some very sour lemons but I am seeing creatives all over the world turn them into innovative, successful lemonade and I know you can too. ⁣Over the last few weeks we have been met with a world of unknowns around us and I’m going to go out on a limb and say you are feeling like things are pretty dang out of your control.  I promise, I am right there with you. So,  if I can encourage each of us to do anything in these moments, it’s to figure out what we have control over in this season. Let’s move our mind away from COVID-19 and towards the good in our life and business and what we still have a handle on. Need some help? I’ve got you.


Concentrate on what you can control-  COVID-19 / Coronavirus isn’t one of them. 

Don’t focus your time and mental energy worrying about all the things you have no control over. We don’t know when this will pass therefore there’s no way to know when you can definitely host an in-person workshop again or sell your work at a craft fair for instance. You can, however, control if you’re going to create a virtual sales plan or offer online workshops for instance.If your plate is fuller than usual both logistically and emotionally, you’re not alone. If your hustle is breaking you down right now, I want to give you full permission (not that you need it from me) to redefine what it looks like. ⁣Know you have control in how you approach your business right now and the only person who can really tell you what’s right or wrong is you.

Find control in the little things and embrace every second you do spend on your business as a success- even if it looks way different than it has before. ⁣


Keep moving forward no matter what that looks like right now.

Lean into your natural creativity not just in the talent that you have but the way you run your business. Now is the time to be innovative and brave and dig deep. Don’t be afraid to take the scary step forward towards something new or something that you’ve been waiting to pursue or launch. And friend, while you lean into that beautiful creativity don’t forget to lean on those around you as well. (Just maybe more figuratively right now!) 😉 Think about the people in your circle and how you can stay connected to them right now and maybe even how you can help to encourage one another. Just because we’re practicing social distancing doesn’t mean we’re alone. If you are riding the struggle bus right now through distraction and lack of motivation or clarity, this is the time to reach out and embrace your people who get it.

Remember that we’re all in this together.


You’ve got this, but here are some COVID-19 resources to make it easier. 

Over these last few days I’ve been scouring the internet world, saving links from some of my favorite brand’s emails, and curating some resources to share during this season with you. This list certainly doesn’t have all the answers but I hope it gives you a good place to start finding a little of what you need during this time. From virtual training and online meetups to self care and financial assistance there’s a little something for each of us no matter what stage of business (or sanity) we are in right now. Feel free to bookmark this post to access the COVID-19 Resource List anytime over the next few weeks as you navigate the current normal that is owning a creative biz in the time of Coronavirus Craziness.


COVID-19 Resource List for Creative Businesses


Rising Tide Coronavirus & Small Businesses Resource Hub | CLICK HERE

Creative Hive’s Coronavirus affecting handmade business?  Video | CLICK HERE

COVID-19 and your Handmade Business: Challenges & Opportunities | CLICK HERE

Resources for Event Creators from Eventbrite | CLICK HERE

Spoonflower COVID-19 Response Mask-Maker Inquiry | CLICK HERE


How to Manage Your Etsy Shop During COVID-19 | CLICK HERE

Pirate Shipping (Free shipping software to access the cheapest USPS® shipping rates) | CLICK HERE

How to Turn On Vacation Mode for Your Etsy Shop If It Feels Right | CLICK HERE


The Collective Mill’s Free Email Marketing Starter Kit | CLICK HERE

How to Self Promote Without Feeling Icky Blog Post | CLICK HERE

Marketing Your Business with Podcast, Vlogs and Short-Form Video | CLICK HERE

How To START An Email List From Scratch (for free) | CLICK HERE


Coronavirus: Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources | CLICK HERE

Covid-19 Financial Relief for Small Business | CLICK HERE

COVID-19 Economic Industry Disaster Loan Application | CLICK HERE

SMBs Survival Guide: Best 8 Financial Tools to Combat COVID-19 | CLICK HERE

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program: What Small Businesses Need to Know | CLICK HERE

Contingency Plan by 100 Degrees Consulting | CLICK HERE

IRS Tax Deadline Extended to July 15 | CLICK HERE

5 Necessary Steps to Cancel a Client Contract Because of Coronavirus Concerns | CLICK HERE


One Crafty Miss Facebook Live Training Videos | CLICK HERE

Successful Side Hustle Workshop | CLICK HERE

The Creative Catharsis Online Workshop Series | CLICK HERE

The Engaging Educator Online Communication Classes | CLICK HERE

Going virtual for an event due to virus? Here’s how 3 organizations did it | CLICK HERE

4 Things Wedding Photographers Can Learn from the Outbreak Video | CLICK HERE


Momentum Virtual Meetup on April 23 by CCE | CLICK HERE

Pivot Digital Women’s Conference | CLICK HERE

Creative Mornings Goes Virtual | CLICK HERE


Getting Started with Zoom Video Training | CLICK HERE

Social Distancing: A Work From Home Survival Guide | CLICK HERE

How I Conquer the World by Creating a Weekly Schedule + Free Template | CLICK HERE

7 tips to survive working from home with your spouse | CLICK HERE


Connect & Affect Virtual Summit 4/6: Rise Above the Fog of Fear | CLICK HERE

J.go Fit Free Facebook Live 30min or Less Home Workout Trainings | CLICK HERE

Instagram Live Meditations by Jan & Monika Zands | CLICK HERE


Some Good News with John Krasinski (My favorite feel good video right now) | CLICK HERE

Disney Characters in Quarantine (My Favorite video for laughter right now)  | CLICK HERE 

Virtual DIY Party Kits with AR Workshop | CLICK HERE

21 Awesome DIY Projects to make In Quarantine | CLICK HERE

Alter With Me Video Series – Sewing/Pattern Alternations | CLICK HERE

If you have or know of an exciting resource that you think could help another creative please consider leaving it in the comments below or emailing me at Taryn@onecraftymiss.com and I’ll be sure to share it to the COVID-19 Resource List as I receive them. 


Let’s kick isolation and uncertainty to the curb together

In addition to the COVID-19 Resource List, I’ve been brainstorming something special that I could offer. As a way to extend a helping hand during this time and make sure you have some added support, here’s what I’ve come up with. Starting April 1st,  I am opening up 10 ‘Pay What You Can’ 1 hour Coaching Call spots on my calendar to anyone who could use the support and clarity right now.  I don’t want anyone to feel like money is what’s standing in the way of them getting to support they need when everything feels hard enough as it is.

If you are interested in snagging one of these one-on-one calls together you can follow the link here to book a date and time that works for you! This session is yours to cover whatever matters most right now; ask any questions you may have, seek advice on next steps, review your current offerings, and just use the time together to work on the things that are going to push you forward! Once these spots are taken, they are gone. So if this sounds like something you could really use right now please don’t hesitate to book a session now.

Book Your “Pay What You Can” Coaching Call Here

Sharing so much love and encouragement your way right now and wishing you and your family good health! Don’t forget to share this link with any creative business owners who could also benefit from the information found in the COVID-19 resource list!

Remember friend, give yourself grace during this time as you work through this uncharted territory and lean on your people when you need to!


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